Paddy Power send Jamie Redknapp on daring mission to discover truth about half-and-half scarves

Warning: This article contains some upsetting footage.


There’s a poisonous filth engulfing our streets. Up and down the country a malignant force is infiltrating every corner of every town. The young and the elderly alike are being subjected to unforgivable exposure to an unacceptable menace.

We’re talking about half-and-half scarves.

We’ve all seen them, you try and turn a blind eye. You think, ‘Who in their right mind would even dabble with that’?

But it could be a loved one, your neighbour, that mouth breather sat next to you on the train. It’s a phenomenon that’s getting out of hand.

But to stop it, we first have to understand it.

That’s why Paddy Power have sent the most searing mind in the game onto the streets to work out… why? How? And, most importantly of all, why?

Enter Jamie Redknapp. Our intrepid reporter goes to the heart of the matter and infiltrates the ground zero of the half-and-half scarf manufacturing industry.

Brace yourselves as Jamie goes on a voyage to learn about their seedy origins, the health implications of baboons wearing Tony Pulis & Sean Dyche scarves and the true ecological impact this tat has one our beautiful world.

Be warned, this is a tough watch. Tough but essential.


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