Outrage as Arsenal fan token gives just £1 off £18 Emirates burger & chips ​

What a rip off - I'll have the £16 hotdog instead, please


Arsenal have enraged their new fan token users after offering investors the reward of a quid discount on their £18.05 Emirates burger and fries.

On the pitch the North London side may be homing in on a Champions League place for next season, but they’ve been left with egg on their faces off it, after it emerged that they were charging fans a staggering 18 pounds for cheeseburger and chips, with subscribers to their fan reward scheme feeling “let down” and “cheated” by the fact that one of the perks for parting with a lorry load of cash in exchange for cryptocurrency, was a measly one pound discount on the staggeringly overpriced Emirates concourse feast.

The Gunners and another five Premier League clubs have been offering fans the chance to invest in cryptocurrency which, the sales pitch tells us; “Will give them a vital say in how their club operates whilst at the same time offering them money can’t buy rewards.”

A nifty idea on paper at least, but when you scratch a little further under the surface, you discover that all is not quite what it’s cracked up to be.

Paddy Power News spoke to some disgruntled Gooners who had been quick to take the plunge.

“A complete waste of time and money so far,” one irate fan complained.

“I invested a couple of grand and the only decisions I’ve had a say on so far is what bloody music we should be playing pre-match and at half-time and whether we should produce another new retro kit before Easter.”

Another fan was also less than impressed, telling us:

“I’ve only had the chance to vote on what colour Gunnersaurus should paint his f**king garden shed.”

Manchester City is another Premier League side apparently giving fans the opportunity to feel special, but supporters of the defending champions, just like their Arsenal counterparts, are also feeling let down.

One fan had a tinge of regret in their voice as they told us; “For all I’ve invested, so far I’ve only been given a free set of ear plugs in case anyone starts creating an atmosphere, and been put in a draw to win a matchday experience with Noel Gallagher.”

Manchester City Real Madrid The Etihad Champions League August 7, 2020

A City fan living out in the US also got in touch with us to explain that they thought the club were “taking the piss” when they emailed him “Two free drinks vouchers for any home game this season?!”

“I’ve been a City fan for over five years now” they continued, “They told me by investing in fan tokens I’d become part of the club’s heritage, so this feels like a real slap in the face”.

Aston Villa’s fan rewards on the other hand, look to have sunk to even lower depths after one disgruntled supporter came forward to tell Paddy Power News that all they’d had to show for their investment so far was a say in what “(Assistant Manager) Gary McAllister should buy his wife for Christmas and whether they should do away with selling Balti pies at Villa Park”.

Though it’s not all negative, as John Terry’s wife is said to be very happy with the Villa token the club’s former assistant manager bought her for Christmas.

*Paddy Power’s breaking news coverage is 100% fake news – except the stuff about Arsenal being sh*t, that’s all true*


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