Rafa Benitez spotted handing CV into Liverpool Tapas Bar ​

Not sacked yet. Fact.


Under fire Everton boss Rafa Benitez has been spotted distributing printed copies of his CV around various Tapas Bars in Liverpool.

The 61-year-old is tipped to become the Premier League’s next managerial casualty following his side’s dismal 4-1 defeat against former club Liverpool.


Facing the prospect of unemployment at Christmas, the Spaniard took the pre-emptive measure of passing his curriculum vitae around some Merseyside Tapas Bars.

‘Despite his struggles at Goodison, Rafa is still one of the most highly sought after waiters in Europe’, a food critic told Paddy Power News.

‘Many within the hospitality game believe it’s only a matter of time before we see him back at one of the world’s top restaurants’.

‘His CV is highly impressive. Two league titles with Valencia. A Champions League with Liverpool. And 8-years waiting experience in the food service industry’.

‘I’m not sure what is more awe-inspiring? Winning the Champions League with a team containing Djimi Traoré and Igor Bišćan or being able to carry 22 plates at once?’

Discussing the potential move back into waiting tables, Benitez told us:

‘I want to talk about facts’.

‘I don’t want to play mind games with the restaurateurs, although they seem to want to start. But I have seen some facts about Tapas’.

‘Tapas are overpriced glorified bar snacks passed off as a meal which wouldn’t fill a hole in your tooth. This is a fact’.

‘They are a starter, at best, and should never be considered part of a main course. Fact.

‘Most people do not want to share their food. I certainly do not. Fact again’.

‘Why do they serve five chicken wings between two people? This normally leads to a dispute over ownership of the superfluous wing. Another fact’.

‘In saying all that, I can start on Monday and will also work weekends’.

**Paddy Power’s breaking news coverage is 100% fake news. And that’s the truth.**


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