Solskjaer joins Lampard’s club legends manager support group

Let the healing begin


Following his departure from Manchester United, it has been confirmed that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has joined a support group set up by Frank Lampard which offers a safe space for former club legends who fail to make it in management at their own club.


Taking place every Wednesday morning in Harry Redknapp’s garden shed, the group known as Manager Shmanager was set up by Lampard days after his Chelsea dismissal to get over the disappointment of being chucked on the scrap heap despite being one of their greatest ever players.

Speaking exclusively to Paddy Power News, Lampard confirmed that as the only member of Manager Shmanager for almost a year, the sessions were a little dull, with the former midfielder admitting he often acted out his greatest Chelsea goals by kicking an orange against a wall, with absolutely no thought given to his managerial tenure at Stamford Bridge.

However, in the space of a week the group has tripled in size, with Solskjaer joining ex-Barcelona legend Ronald Koeman through the door for a cup of tea, slice of cake and a conversation about how life was better as a player.


“There’s three of us now and I just don’t see it stopping here,” confirmed a buzzing Lampard.

“Ole came along this morning after his tear-jerking departure from Nostalgia United with his eyes still puffy from a night of crying so we got him talking about that time he put four past Forest when he played upfront for them.

“FYI, what a load of sh*t his exit interview was; and don’t even get me started on those social media tributes from his players. Happy to get their PR teams to type a sentimental goodbye but not willing to get out of first gear on the pitch. Ole deserved better.

“Ronald was easier to get on board as Barcelona well and truly f*cked him off out of it, so he was keen to get stuck in. I feel a bit sorry for him to be honest, as the expectations at Barcelona are sky-high, but his squad was full of players who wouldn’t even get into a League One side.

“I’ve been on the phone to Mikel Arteta a fair bit, sent him a few brochures about what we can offer. I’ve also got an eye on Stevie G after his move to Villa.

“We all know full well if he’s successful at Villa, the temptation for Liverpool’s owners to bring him back to Anfield when Klopp moves on will be too great to pass up – and once that happens, I guarantee he will be knocking at the door of Manager Shmanager within six months.”

The pair are expected to spend Sunday afternoon together curled up on the sofa in oversized pyjamas and eating ice cream out of the pot while watching Chelsea batter United.

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