Brendan Rodgers buys 25 envelopes ahead of Man United switch ​

Rodgers in?


Brendan Rodgers has purchased 25 envelopes ahead of his proposed move to Manchester United, Paddy Power News can exclusively reveal.


The 48-year-old Northern Irishman was spotted outside Arndale Post Office clutching a wad of manila envelopes after reportedly agreeing to take charge of the troubled Old Trafford outfit.

Sources claim the Leicester City boss stuffed the individual names of each United player into an envelope before making his way to Carrington to meet with the squad.

‘I think there are 25 players who will let us down this year’, Rodgers informed the players while holding the envelopes aloft.


‘The cause, the fight, on social media – but predominantly on the pitch at Old Trafford. And I have written them down already’.

‘You may notice that one envelope is thicker than the rest. This envelope belongs to one player who I believe will be particularly sh*te – not pointing any fingers’, said Rodgers, craftily jabbing a finger in the direction of Harry Maguire while pretending to scratch his upper lip.

‘Now my point to you as players – and staff – is make sure you are not the one in the envelope, because you are so important. No exceptions’, he added, once again sneakily nodding sideways towards the United skipper.


‘If we are going to push for a Champions League spot before I typically bottle it in the final weeks, we need to be together.

“But I think there are 25, bare minimum, will let us down. Make sure you’re not the one with the big fat envelope like Harry.

Ah f**k, sorry big man, Freudian slip’, blushed the former Celtic boss.

Discussing the psychological ploy with Paddy Power News, Rodgers told us:
‘It’s a tactic I used to great effect at Liverpool. We finished 7th that season’.

When asked if Harry Maguire was set to remain as United captain, he said:

‘Harry’s a wonderful human and a great character. He’ll make a wonder skipper in the reserves’.



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