Pochettino flicks through job ads after subbing Messi ​

Time to update the CV...


Paris Saint Germain boss Mauricio Pochettino took a glance at the football job listings after substituting Lionel Messi on his home debut against Lyon last night.

The 49-year-old made the grave mistake of hauling an underperforming Messi off in the 76th minute with the score delicately poised at 1-1.


To compound matters, PSG went on to win the game 2-1 when another of Pochettino’s substitutes, Mauro Icardi, scored an injury-time goal.

If Pochettino was unaware that substituting Messi meant your P45 was ‘en route’, his compatriot dropped a subtle reminder by refusing to shake his manager’s hand as he exited the pitch.

Realising his fatal error, Pochettino spent the remainder of the game Googling available managerial posts on his smartphone.

Mauricio Pochettino

Speaking to Paddy Power News about the substitution after the game, Lionel Messi said:

‘I’m looking forward to working with my new boss’.

‘Getting managers the sack never gets any easier. You’d think I’d be used to it by now, but no’.

‘I’d like to wish Mauricio all the best for the future. He will need it’.

When asked if he had made any recommendations to the board, the 34-year-old replied:

‘Yes. Hire someone who isn’t stupid enough to think he can substitute me and keep his job’.

‘Luis Suarez is a friend of mine and is chomping at the bit to get into management.’

‘He’d bite your hand off for the PSG job’.

Meanwhile, Pochettino has identified a couple of interesting new opportunities as he waits for official confirmation of his sacking from PSG.

‘When I arrived for training this morning, Lionel was parked in my spot. I’m not a negative person but I’d say that’s a bad sign’.

‘Having watched the second half of the Tottenham game yesterday, there will definitely be an opportunity to return there before Christmas’, the former Spurs boss told Paddy Power News.

‘Celtic and Barnet are available too. Might toss a coin on that one. Heads Celtic, tails Barnet’.

‘Heads. F**k. Best out of three?’.

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