Pablo Mari trying to defend Lukaku will appear on You’ve Been Framed ​

Belly laughs all around


With Arsenal losing back-to-back matches in the Premier League and set to face Man City next week, you would assume life could not get any worse at the Emirates, however all was not lost for one of their players who managed to bag himself a £250 bonus before the weekend was over.


Despite Spanish central defender Pablo Mari finding himself on the receiving end of a battering from Chelsea new boy Romelu Lukaku, it was he who had the last laugh when footage of his defensive efforts appeared on You’ve Been Framed later that evening, meaning he received prize money as his clip was shown.

“Lukaku may have dragged me around like a rag-doll and dominated me in every area, but who ended up getting a phone call from Harry Hill and a £250 prize? Me. I am the real winner” said a delighted, yet heavily bruised Pablo Mari.

“To have my footage appear between a dog on a skateboard and a child falling in a river was like a dream come true. I know the fans are unhappy with Arsenal as we don’t look like coming close to scoring a goal any time soon and have loads of players pretending to be unwell to avoid pulling on the shirt, but they must acknowledge things are going in the right direction.

“For a start, I’ve been recognised by one of England’s funniest people for my very own comedy value. That’s surely got to mean something to a fan base that prides itself on comedy value. As players, we are finally aligning with our supporters, and I am truly buzzing about that.”


Paddy Power News managed to speak to Romelu Lukaku who was confirmed to have been watching You’ve Been Framed with his family at the time.

“Pablo Mari deserves his success. He was like Bambi on ice most of the game and it made great television in the evening; my wife and children couldn’t stop laughing. I am sure he could get a regular feature on the show if he carries on the way he is going. I am a little jealous he got to speak to Harry Hill and received £250, though. Maybe I could send in some footage of my time at Man United when my legs and feet were as useful as breezeblocks.”

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