Jack Grealish spotted in Birmingham with massive “I’m Sorry” balloon ​

"On second thoughts, Pep..."


Manchester City star Jack Grealish has been spotted in the midlands carrying an enormous balloon with the words “I’m sorry, I made a huge mistake” written on it, understood to be heading for Dean Smith’s house.


Following his record-breaking transfer from Aston Villa to the Citizens, Grealish is said to be extremely unhappy with life in Manchester and is already looking for a route back to Villa Park, claiming he was told lies and tricked into moving.

“My agent told me I’d be playing with the best players in the world, yet I had Nathan Ake and Benjamin Mendy behind me at the weekend” said a very confused and unhappy Grealish.


“I was assured I’d be in a team that wins every match, I’d become a global icon and have an army of new admirers, yet two games in, we haven’t scored a goal and I’m still to see a real life City supporter anywhere. It’s almost like the club doesn’t exist anywhere except on Twitter.

“This has been an absolute disaster so far, so I am hoping that there is a two-week cooling off period in my contract meaning I can cancel the deal and go back to Villa.

“All I want to do is give Dean this balloon, tell him I’m sorry, forget this ever happened and go shopping down the Bullring with my pals this weekend.

“I’ve even been down Ikea this morning and bought a 500ft x 500ft claret carpet to sweep this mess under.”

On hearing the news of his new player already looking to leave, City boss Pep Guardiola had this to say on the matter.

“Jack is under contract with us meaning he has to stay. There is no reversing the situation and certainly no cooling off period.

“Perhaps he should look up the meaning of contractual agreements in an encyclopedia?”

“That said, this could possibly take a while as I will need to ask some of the coaches to explain to him what an encyclopedia is, before encouraging him to have a good read.”

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