Yes we tin can! Paul McGrath’s former club latest to cash in thanks to Paddy’s 100k SaveOurGame campaign

Paddy puts his money where his mouth is once again.


One of Paul McGrath’s former clubs is the latest to receive a chunk of cash from Paddy Power’s €100,000 #saveourgame campaign fund with Sallynoggin Pearse FC getting a donation of €10,000 to go towards the purchase of an anti-vandalism unit.

Sallynoggin had been using a “tin-can” shed circa 1970’s as their clubhouse for years. The far-from glamourous corrugated steel structure housed two dressing rooms, a shower room and a tearoom, but no toilets.

“That’s where we kept all our gear and changed for matches. That was our ‘state of the art’ clubhouse,” chairperson Richard Cummins explains. But vandals seemed hell-bent on destroying the meagre facility and stealing the equipment the club relied upon.

Last year, several acts of anti-social behaviour including repeated break-ins, robberies, and persistent fires, meant the building was condemned and knocked to the ground – rendering the former club of one of Ireland’s greatest footballing legends homeless.

“The last fire completely gutted the place and it was no longer safe. We were left with nothing. And promises of a replacement building keep getting put on the long finger,” Richard added.

It’s just the latest contribution to Irish grassroots football with the first couple of batches going towards things like pitch maintenance and new goal nets.

The club applied to saveo[email protected] asking for funds to help them in the purchase of a temporary antivandal unit which they intend to strip out and completely refit.

Sallynoggin Pearse FC is just one of hundreds of clubs to get in touch to express their dire needs. So far Paddy has donated €30,000 of the €100,000 pledged to Irish football at the beginning of Euro 2020, using funds to assist nine clubs nationwide to date.

We had intended to give €10k for every goal England scored throughout the tournament, with the expectation that they find the back of the net at least 10 times. But their performance so far has been about as thrilling as a queue for the loo, so we’re giving away €100k no matter what. Knowing our luck they’ll probably go on a goal-scoring spree now out of spite!

If your club needs a clubhouse refit – or just a few footballs –  get in touch via [email protected] explaining what they need cash for and why.


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