PAUL INCE: Jack Grealish can be Man City’s new David Silva

Incey is also calling for Man United to get a bid in for the Aston Villa star.

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When you see what Pep Guardiola has done for Phil Foden and Raheem Sterling, and how he has improved their overall game, you’d have to believe moving to Manchester City would be good for Jack Grealish.

As a player, when you are weighing up whether to move to another club or not, you have to not only think about the team you are going to, but about the manager you will be working under as well.

You need to ask yourself the question, ‘Is this the right manager for me, is he going to take my career forward, make me a better player and can I win things under him?’

Grealish needs to go somewhere where the manager is going to play him, and he has the ability to do that at City. Jack Grealish has to play football consistently; he loves the game and you can see that when he is not on the pitch it kills him.

City haven’t really replaced David Silva since he left. Phil Foden is not that type of player, but Jack Grealish can be with the way he carries the ball.

If I was in the Manchester United camp, I’d be trying to get Grealish as well. United really haven’t got a player like Jack in their squad at all.

At the back end of last season Bruno Fernandes wasn’t as convincing as he was when he first came to England. Maybe it’s because he has had to play a lot of games for United, but he doesn’t seem the same and you see that in the fact he was dropped by Portugal against France last Wednesday.

Jack Grealish England

Paul Pogba will probably be at Old Trafford for another year. I believe he still wants to go, so why would you not go and get Jack Grealish in?

You put him in there with Jadon Sancho and a firing Marcus Rashford, as well as a top centre forward and United could finally say they are building something special.

Jack Grealish is obviously done well at Aston Villa, he’s a Villa boy after all, but now is the time to move.

Aston Villa fans won’t be happy with me for saying that, but if he’s wanted by top clubs, it will be a hard move for him to turn down.

Beat Germany and it will be like 2018 again

Back at Euro 2020, when you see the likes of Spain, Italy and Belgium all over on the other side of the draw, there is not much – besides Germany – that can get in England’s way of winning this. I looked at the draw the other day and thought, ‘Wow, if England can beat the Germans, we’ve got a right good chance’.

That’s not to say there are lesser teams on our side of the draw, but you have to consider that England will be at home in Wembley the whole way – with the crowds behind them as well.

A lot of England fans can now see the journey to the final, but they have to beat Germany first.

I don’t want people to get too far ahead of themselves, because this is going to be a difficult game. If they do progress though, it could be 2018 all over again! Hopefully, England can go one better than that this year.

Penalties – It’s all in the mind

With England meeting Germany, the subject of penalties will always come up. When you take penalties week-in-and-week out for your club side, it’s just you, the keeper and all the fans watching you. But, you’re are used to the pressure of that moment if you do it regularly.

However, at the Euros the importance of taken on is 10-fold.

All you can do is pick your spot and don’t change your mind. Sometimes when keepers save one, people say “what a poor penalty”. Sometimes it is not a bad pen really, because the keeper has just decided to go the same way as you and given himself the chance of saving it. You do need to keep your nerve though; you need to be positive and believe you are going to put it away.

For the last number of years, the Germans have had it over us. But, if this game does go all the way to pens (and I don’t believe it will), England can finally get one over them.


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