Andy Robertson ditches Coca-Cola for Irn Bru at press conference ​

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Scotland captain Andy Robertson snubbed Coca-Cola during a EURO 2020 press conference by replacing them with the Scottish soft drink Irn-Bru.

The Liverpool defender grabbed the two bottles of cola that were in front of him and moved them to one side before holding aloft the bright orange beverage.


‘Dinnae be swallyin none o’ that Coca-Cola jobby’, Robertson told a packed press room.

‘This is Irn-Bru, nectar o’ the Gods, absolutely stoatin for a hangover but jobby for yer teeth’.

The left-back then downed the contents of the bottle before unleashing a belch Buddy the Elf would’ve been proud of, much to the disgust of everyone present.

Andrew Robertson Scotland Nations League

Scotland is the only country in the world that produces a soft drink that outsells Coca-Cola and the 27-year-old Glaswegian was keen to promote that fact.

Robertson’s actions are reported to have resulted in a meteoric rise in the share price of Irn-Bru with the company now worth twice as much as Microsoft.

Scotland boss Steve Clarke supported his skipper’s stance and said more players should follow his example.

‘People lik’ Ronaldo, Kane, De Bruyne – thay shuid a’ be swallyin th’ ginger tae’, the 57-year-old told Paddy Power News.

‘I’ve tellt the lads tae cut the council juice (water) oot at half-time ‘n’ git the Irn-Bru doon thair necks instead’, he revealed.

Meanwhile, OFCOM revealed their investigating complaints that BBC and ITV haven’t shown Gazza’s EURO 96 goal against Scotland enough during the build up to tonight’s game between the two sides.

‘I watched the entire Denmark v Belgium game and Gazza’s goal was only shown a paltry 27 times’, moaned one viewer.

‘The coverage of this week’s games has been nothing short of a disgrace. Not nearly enough dentist chair celebrations for my liking. Honestly, sometimes you would even think England were playing in this bloody tournament’, wrote another.


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