Paul Ince: Eriksen drama brought back traumatic memories of Glenn Hoddle collapse

Paul recounts how ex-England manager Glenn Hoddle collapsed with a heart attack while the pair were filming.



It wasn’t easy for anyone to see what happened to Christian Eriksen, for an ex-player or for any fan watching the game.

It certainly wasn’t easy to for me because I experienced something similar with Glenn Hoddle when we were working for BT Sport, when he collapsed with a heart attack.

We were playing head tennis and all of a sudden Glenn just fell back and hit his head. We thought he was messing about, but then we realised he was having a heart attack.

It was a terrible experience. I was holding his head and talking to him about England games and Wolves games, trying to keep him alive and keep him awake.

It was horrible, so I can imagine what the players who did the same for Eriksen went through.

I’ve been a part of that traumatic experience, it wasn’t nice at all and I thank God Glenn’s still here.

To see it happen again brought back bad memories.


You just don’t expect to see it, players are so fit and they do everything right. To see what happened in front of his [Eriksen’s] wife and daughter, it was terrible.

Thank God he’s alive and he’s up and telling jokes, he’s got all his faculties and hopefully he can play again.

He’s a world-class player; he had a few problems at Inter Milan but he’s come through them and won the title. I want to see him back playing, but first and foremost I’m just glad he’s OK.

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