Euro 2020: BBC apologises for accidentally mentioning Scotland & Wales ​

How could they?


The BBC has apologised and said a mistake was made after ‘accidentally’ mentioning Scotland and Wales during their EURO 2020 build-up. More than 40,000 people complained after Gary Lineker let it slip that England weren’t the only home nation involved in this summer’s European Football Championships.

The BBC initially defended the faux pas broadcast live last weekend, but now accepts a different approach should have been taken.

In an official statement, the BBC said it recognised the distress it caused amongst many England supporters and it would be reviewing its guidance on such offensive language with immediate effect. Football fans across the UK were left stunned when presenter Gary Lineker inadvertently acknowledged Scotland and Wales’ participation in the tournament.



Lineker, 60, immediately realised the gaffe before saying, “Apologies to any viewers at home who may have heard me using some inappropriate language just now”.

People then took to the internet to express their shock and disbelief at the incident.

Did Lineker just drop the S & W bomb live on air?, tweeted one viewer.

“Is this what my license fee pays for? A disgusting use of four or five seconds airtime which could’ve been devoted to the England team”, wrote another.

“Cheers big ears, kids crying now”, added another.


Facing a severe backlash over the blunder, Lineker released a statement of his own in which he admits he made a huge error of judgement.

“I would like to apologise for any hurt caused amongst England supporters and the wider public for my casual use of the words ‘Scotland’ and ‘Wales’ during last week’s show”.

I realise now the time it took to annunciate these words would’ve been better spent discussing something more English, like Phil Foden’s haircut or Jack Grealish’s calf muscles.

“Finally, I’d like to assure everyone, that was the last time you’ll hear Scotland or Wales mentioned during our coverage of the tournament”.


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