Euro Sweepstake: Paddy Power’s Euro 2021 digital sweepstake generator kit

A sweepstake kit that doesn't require getting the scissors out!


A sizzling summer of top-quality football is just around the corner. That’s right, the Euros are (almost) here and we’ve got just the thing to spice up your interest.

Sure, the Boys In Green may be missing from the party but that’s no reason not to get your mates, family, colleagues and neighbour’s cat involved in the fun.

And Uncle Paddy’s got just the thing to have you cheering on from home. He’s only gone the extra mile and put together a digital sweepstake kit for the tournament. Result!

Simply get your entrants lined up, collect the cash and let our snazzy digital sweepstake do the rest. You can literally do the draw from the comfort of your sofa. You won’t even need to get the big scissors out. Bliss.

You don’t need to know your Harry Maguires from your Harry Kanes to be on to a winner as it’s a random draw.

Euro 2021 (it’s not 2020 anymore, lads) is a 24-team tournament so, for example, a fiver each would leave a prize pot worth £/€120 to battle it out for. The winner could take home £/€70, with £/€40 going to the runner up and third place nabbing a tenner.

Even if football doesn’t end up coming home for England, you could always end up a few quid better off.

Simply enter your names below and click the ‘Random Draw’ button to find out who’s got who. Good luck!

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