Man United fan quickly deletes “Smalling’s better than Maguire” tweets ​

Delete, delete, delete

A Manchester United fan who has spent the last 18 months claiming that Chris Smalling is a better defender than Harry Maguire has been seen deleting thousands of tweets.

Known for being “extremely negative” about United, and a huge part of the “Ole Out” brigade, 15-year-old @MagikMartialZone is understood to be “annoyed” that he is now unable to back up his claims that Smalling “would walk back into that defence”.

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“He seemed angrier and more upset than usual last night, which is peculiar because United won” said his mum, Jane (38), to Paddy Power News.

“He was rambling on about Ole being a fraud, everyone having an agenda and something about boomers.


“To be honest with you, he spends all day locked in his bedroom not actually playing his Xbox but watching live streams of other people playing the Xbox. He doesn’t have any real friends – so I guess this kind of erratic behaviour should be expected.

“We’re hopeful he will go outside and possibly get a girlfriend… one day.”

Paddy Power News understands that between kick-off and half time, 197 tweets were posted from the @MagikMartialZone account, all criticising United’s performance, Ole’s tactics and the defensive partnership of Maguire and Lindelof, earning a total of 50,000 retweets and 789,000 likes from similar Twitter accounts across the globe.

However, with United running riot in the second half, every single one of the Tweets posted, plus a further 670,000 on the same topics from the previous 18 months, have now been deleted, a job which took @MagikMartialZone “all f*cking night”, according to his long-time Twitter acquaintance, @The_United_Style_Guru_xG, who watched the whole thing on a 9-hour YouTube Live stream.

“It was epic,” @The_United_Style_Guru_xG told us. “He started deleting Tweets at around 9pm and finished at around 5am. He at a slice of cold pizza and went to the toilet a couple of times too. There was about 10,000 of us watching the live stream.”

And those levels of social engagement have not gone unnoticed within Old Trafford.

“There’ll be opening soon at the top, a source within the club said. “With a hasty and embarrassing public climbdown like this, this guy’s shown he’s got everything he needs to run one of the biggest clubs in the world.”

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