Heroic John W Henry pulls Jurgen Klopp from under bus ​

Pure class this lad

Liverpool owner John W Henry is being lauded as a hero after he was captured on camera rescuing Jurgen Klopp from underneath a bus.

In footage that has been described as definitely not a staged PR stunt organised by Henry’s people, the 71-year-old investor drags Klopp to safety from beneath the wheels of Liverpool’s team coach.

There had been widespread concern for the wellbeing of the 53-year-old German who spent three days trapped below the vehicle following a televised interview about some proposed European Super League.   

One eyewitness, who is definitely not on FSG’s payroll, told Paddy Power News:

‘I could hear the cries of a middle-aged German man coming from beneath the bus’.

‘I desperately wanted to help him but I’m nowhere near as selfless as Mr Henry’.

‘Without saying a word he (Mr Henry) rolled up his sleeves and reached out towards Jurgen’.

‘Fortunately, I had my state-of-the-art professional recording and sound equipment with me at the time and I was able to capture this wonderful act of heroism in high definition’.

‘How could anyone hold a grudge against a man who risked oil marks on his shirt to help a fellow human being? I’ll never know’.

After footage of the incident miraculously appeared on Liverpool’s official Twitter account, fans of the Anfield outfit agreed to let bygones be bygones.

‘I mean apart from the ticket prices fiasco, furloughing staff during the pandemic, trying to trademark the city’s name and take the club into a European Super League without consulting the fans, the manager or the players, what’s John W Henry ever done on the people of Liverpool?’, wrote one forgiving Kopite.

‘It doesn’t matter if Mr Henry put Klopp there in the first place. I didn’t see Joel Glazer pull Solskjaer from underneath the United team bus. This means more’, added another gullible sucker.


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