Chelsea upset the odds to win FA Cup against Man City

First trophy for Thomas Tuchel is in the bag



Chelsea have been awarded the FA Cup after winning their semi-final clash with Manchester City at Wembley Stadium.

It means Thomas Tuchel’s side have been spared the indignity of thrashing either Leicester City or Southampton in a pointless final.

Interim chairman of the FA Peter McCormick said the decision was taken ‘in the best interests of everyone concerned’, shortly after presenting Blues captain César Azpilicueta with the famous old trophy.

‘Leicester and Southampton should be very proud of themselves for getting this far but let’s just put this nonsense to bed tonight’, McCormick told Paddy Power News.

‘It would be cruel to allow the fans of both those clubs to get their hopes up any further’.



‘Best spare them the heartache of watching their beloved team be systematically destroyed in front of millions of viewers around the world. It’s the humane thing to do’.

McCormick said he is fully aware of a potential backlash from English football fans but refused to take the blame for what he described as an ‘unprecedented situation’.

‘United f**ked this good and proper for everyone by losing to Leicester in the quarters’.

‘All Ole had to do was win that game but no, he wanted to play Fred in midfield instead’.

The interim chairman also revealed the decision to award Chelsea the cup has saved the FA millions in staging the showpiece final.

‘Katherine Jenkin’s and Prince William’s appearance fees alone could pay Wembley’s electric bill for the next 1000 years’.

‘And what a waste of money those red and white ribbons would’ve been?’, said the 69-year-old.

Meanwhile, the managers of Leicester City and Southampton have said that while they’re ‘slightly disappointed’, they both fully support the FA’s decision.

Brendan Rodgers

‘Peter McCormick’s a wonderful human and great character’, said Foxes boss Brendan Rodgers.

‘It would’ve been nice to walk out at Wembley I suppose but I’ll be pissing off to Tottenham next season, so it’s not as if I’ll lose any sleep over it’, grinned the Northern Irishman.

‘It’s probably for the best’, conceded Saints boss Ralph Hasenhüttl.

‘If United and Leicester can put 9 past us then we’d be looking at a f**king cricket score against Chelsea’.


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