Chelsea fan’s “rather win the Champions League anyway” tweet saved in drafts ​

Every cloud, isn't that right mate?


A Chelsea supporter has prepared for his side’s inevitable FA Cup defeat to Man City by saving a tweet to his drafts reading, “rather win the Champions League anyway”.

Jack Smith, 19, who is currently living with his parents somewhere in the depths of Surrey, revealed his intention to publish his tweet the minute City go 1-0 up.

It’ll be the first of many carefully designed to undermine the importance of the FA Cup and ensure nobody thought he ever wanted Chelsea to win it in the first place – genius.

“Once we go 1-0 down, all of my tweets will be a combination of sarcastic and disinterested” he told Paddy Power News.

“I’ll launch Twitter attacks on any of our own fans who wanted to win the match, and take the p*ss out of City fans enjoying their victory. I think referring to the FA Cup as the Micky Mouse Cup will get me a lot of likes.”

Jack went on to explain the inner workings of football-Twitter, suggesting the modern game is less about what happens on the pitch, and more about social media reaction.

“Could you imagine going to a stadium and getting all worked up over your team? Shouting and singing with other people. It’s all a bit cringe, isn’t it? Something that went on in the 80s and 90s.

“People need to realise the game has evolved. Your team could lose 4-0, but as a fan, if you react correctly and get loads of likes, you’re the real winner – and it can all be done from the safety of your bedroom.

“Take last week for example, we lost 5-2 at home to West Brom which the mainstream media said was a bad result for us. However, before the final whistle I put up a picture of Sam Allardyce holding a massive sandwich, and it got over 70,000 likes.

“Do you think anybody cared about the result once they saw Big Sam and a sh*t load of ham, cheese and tomato in a baguette?”

Paddy Power News asked Jack how he dealt with Chelsea’s 2-1 defeat to Arsenal in the 2020 FA Cup final.

“I wasn’t expecting us to lose, so at the final whistle I came unstuck as I didn’t have any tweets prepared. I ended up swearing at a few Gooners online, which made it look like I cared, and I got ratio’d big time.

“I can’t go through that same humiliation of people seeing true emotion and passion. Football isn’t about passion, it’s about memes and hashtags.”


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