Frank Lampard files for full custody of Mason Mount ​

It's a real tug of love


Frank Lampard has taken to social media to announce that he has filed for full custody of Mason Mount.

During a ranty Facebook status which received 14 likes, the former Chelsea manager claimed Gareth Southgate is “entitled to nothing” and has “no rights” when it comes to the midfielder, who Lampard suggested he “raised on his own”.

The unedited Facebook status reads:

“If Gareth thinks he can just walk back into Mason’s life without any explanation, and expect everything will be alright, he’s got another thing coming.

“It’s all well and good him coming back when Mason is on fire and life is easy, but where was he during the difficult times?

“When Mason was at Derby, where was Gareth? Where was he on his 18th birthday?

“I’ve been the one looking after him when he’s sick, tucking him in at night and providing his football kit. I had him at Derby and I had him at Chelsea. I’m the one who’s been doing the job of two managers over the past few years. Mason didn’t even receive a text at Christmas from Gareth.

“It’s wise to remember that snakes don’t hiss anymore, they call you ‘mate’ and wear a waistcoat.

“All of yous who still speak to Gareth are snakes too.”

And since leaving Chelsea in January, Lampard has changed his work status on Facebook to @Full Time Daddy, in light of his dedication to Mount.

Paddy Power News understands a date is set for May to determine if Southgate, as the international manager, has any legal entitlement to the much-coveted 22-year-old footballer, or if the courts will rule in favour of Lampard.

Rumours suggest that Southgate is an existing member of Managers 4 Justice (M4J), and if he isn’t granted fair custody of Mount, will take to the roof of Wembley in a Spider-Man costume as a way of protest.


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