Southgate: Pope will wear same unwashed kit against Albania ​

Squeeze of Febreeze and it's good as new


England boss Gareth Southgate has confirmed goalkeeper Nick Pope will wear the same kit he wore during the Three Lions 5-0 stroll against San Marino.

The news will come as a huge boost to England’s laundry team who are reportedly running dangerously low on washing powder.

Pope spent the entire 90 minutes of England’s glorified training exercise leaning against his goalpost with his arms folded.

Consequently, the 28-year-old emerged from the World Cup qualifier without a blemish on his goalkeeping strip.

“Obviously I don’t want to give too much away but I can confirm Nick’s getting a second trick out of his kit,” Southgate told Paddy Power News.

“While all the lads were chucking their sweaty jerseys into a big pile in the middle of the changing room floor, Nick was folding his kit into a neat little pile.”

Asked if there was any point at all when they’d considered washing Pope’s kit, Southgate said: “We thought Nick had drooled down his shoulder when he fell asleep during the first half but it turns out it was just water.

“A couple minutes in the dryer and it was fine”.

However, Southgate remained coy when asked if Pope had requested an iPad to keep him occupied during England’s next game with Albania.

“That’s a conversation that will remain between me and Nick and the guy at the Apple store,” he said.

Meanwhile, the UK government have received a request issued by San Marino for the extradition of Gary Lineker.

The European microstate are said to be furious with the BBC pundit’s tweet suggesting lowest-ranked nations should face a preliminary qualification round.

Upon hearing Lineker might be subjected to brutal torture at the hands of the San Marino government the UK public has urged Boris Johnson to agree to the extradition.

Paddy Power News understands Downing Street officials were locked in negotiations last night to see if San Marino would take Alan Shearer as well.


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