Big Sam bakes Kevin Nolan-shaped banana bread to mark year of lockdown ​

A hint of banana... and a pinch of Bolton? Inspired!


Sam Allardyce is marking the anniversary of the UK’s first lockdown by baking delicious banana bread treats in the image of Kevin Nolan.

It’s been a year since the UK’s 3-week lockdown began and the former England manager has been wowing internet audiences with his prowess in the kitchen.

‘Posting videos of yourself making banana bread to social media has become as synonymous with lockdown as terrible DIY haircuts and ordering unnecessary sh*te off Amazon’, the 66-year-old told Paddy Power News.

‘I thought I’d mark the 1-year anniversary by baking a f**k off loaf that looks like my old stalwart Nobby (Nolan)’.

In a video shared with his 50 million YouTube subscribers, the former Bolton Wanderers boss said:

‘Hey guys. Welcome to my YouTube channel and today, I’ll be showing you how to bake a banana bread loaf shaped like my favourite player of all time, Kevin Nolan’.

Allardyce reveals his own secret recipe for the 38-year-old ex-Trotters skipper inspired quick-bread treat.

‘First of all, you wanna whack that oven up 250C or as high as it goes. Some people use 140g of butter but personally I just chuck the whole lot in the bowl, tub ‘n all’.

‘You’ll need 28 large eggs, fried. And a crate of ripe bananas. Mix it, if you can be arsed, then whack it in the oven overnight. Bingo’.

The video then skips to the next morning when a mildly hungover Allardyce presents his viewers with the finished article.

‘There ya go, lovely’, he says, while cutting through the burnt-black 6ft loaf’.

‘Tune in next week when I’ll be reviewing a Lazy Spa and my special guest Ivan Campo will be showing you some easy DIY haircuts’.

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