‘We’ve only lost 5 in 73 at Anfield’ boasts Liverpool fan ​

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A Liverpool fan has taken to social media to brag about his side’s impressive home record which includes only five defeats in their last 73 games.

Jurgen Klopp’s men lost 1-0 against Chelsea last night to continue their impressive run at Anfield which stretches back almost four years.

The result left Liverpool season ticket holder Stanley McCartney is bullish mood as he saturated his various social media accounts with praise for the reigning Champions.

Addressing his 19 Twitter followers, Stanley McCartney wrote:

‘Surely we are witnessing the greatest side in the history of English football?’.

‘To lose only 5 games at home in almost 4 years is a tremendous achievement’.

‘Never mind your Trebles, your Invincibles or any of that b*ll*cks. We’ll be able to tell our kids we watched the Liverpool side of ’21 lose back-to-back home games to Burnley and Brighton’.

‘Can we keep such a run going? I wouldn’t rule anything out with this team’.

Stanley’s sentiment was shared by fellow Liverpool supporter Yozza Lennon who responded to the tweet by saying:

‘Other clubs have had 5 game losing streaks before but this means more!!’.

‘The Andorran national team lost 86 game in a row but it will never matter as much to them because anything Liverpool does means more’.

‘Just like Real Madrid and their 13 Champions League trophies. They’ll never be as good as the 6 we won because clearly ours mean more than theirs.’

Meanwhile, Jurgen Klopp has revealed he’s setting his sights on a 68 game winless streak at Anfield.

‘We can’t afford to be thinking 5 or 10 defeats down the line. We must take every defeat as it comes’, the 53-year-old Geman said.

‘We have to treat every single game as if it’s a cup final. Preferably the 3-1 defeat to Real Madrid in Kiev when Loris Karius kept throwing the ball in his own net’.


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