Klopp admits ‘We have no one to blame but Chris Wilder’ after Burnley loss ​

They're taking it on the chin. Specifically, Chris Wilder's.


Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp admitted his side have no one else to blame for last night’s shock home defeat to Burnley but Chris Wilder.

The Reds surrendered their historic undefeated run at Anfield to Sean Dyche’s men after they failed to find the net for the 43rd game in a row.

Speaking to Paddy Power News following the final whistle, Klopp accepted that Sheffield United manager Wilder took full responsibility for the defeat.

‘We lost a game which I think is pretty impossible to lose but we did it because some blades of grass on the pitch were 1.5mm longer than others, the wind speed was 12mph and of course, Chris Wilder’, explained the 53-year-old former Mainz boss.

‘We’ve scored 1 of our last 97 shots on goal which our sports science guys tell me is a direct consequence of Chris Wilder’s objections to using five substitutes during a game’.

But the Gegenpressing proponent refused to criticise his goalkeeper who conceded the 83rd-minute penalty which was fired home by Ashley Barnes.

‘I think the people at home can clearly see Alisson has made a genuine attempt to play the ball and then Chris Wilder is a selfish b**tard’.

Chris Wilder Sheffield United

When asked if the defeat ended Liverpool’s chances of retaining the title this season, the German barked:

‘That’s exactly what Chris Wilder would want us to think’.

Meanwhile, victorious Burnley boss Sean Dyche revealed what really occurred in the tunnel at half-time after television cameras spotted an angry exchange between the pair.

‘Jurgen’s come at me giving it the big ‘un’, the 49-year-old told Paddy Power News.

‘So I said to him ‘Come on ya big pillock, bare bellies, me and you’.

‘But he pissed his bench coat and legged it into the home changing room’.

When asked how he’d be celebrating Burnley’s first win at Anfield since 1974, the former Millwall defender said:

‘Put the feet up with a nice pint of Bisto’


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