Exclusive: Inside Marcelo Bielsa’s spy dossier on Man United ​

He's at it again, and this time it's a lot more sophisticated than some lad hiding in a hedge


Leeds manager Marcelo Bielsa could be in hot water over spying on opponents again after Paddy Power News exclusively obtained the contents of a surveillance dossier compiled ahead of his side’s visit to Old Trafford on Sunday.

El Loco’s bucket will flip now that the highly detailed accounts of recent events at United’s Carrington training ground have leaked –  but what did his agents spot…

Tuesday, Dec 15th, 08:43

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer arrives, sweeps a parking spot with yard brush and polishes “Sir Alex Ferguson” name plaque.


Tuesday, Dec 15th, 09:14

Phonecall received by Solskjaer’s office phone from international number:

Solskjaer: “Paul’s not coming to training today?”

Caller: “That’s right. He has a very pressing Instagram post to make and a Zoom call with myself scheduled where we’ll laugh solidly for 45 minutes at you and how much money this club has given us.”

Solskjaer: “Okay… well, just so you know, I’m very disappointed with this and will ensure Paul’s skipped the next time it’s his turn to play the pre-match music in the changing rooms, just so you know…”

Caller: “Is that so? We’ll remember this insult during contract talks…”

Tuesday, Dec 15th, 10:34

Drone footage shows United working on defending set-pieces – their own. Just four attacking players in the box with six stretched across the halfway line prepared for a counter. However, repeated confusion as to who will track the breaking attacker leads to several chances.


Tuesday, Dec 15th, 11:18

Goalkeepers training separately. Routine consists of De Gea and Henderson diving and lunging at one another, no ball-handling. Pair separated by Maguire using techniques clearly learned from Greek police.

Tuesday, Dec 15th, 12:35

Team gathers on training pitch at the end of the session where the manager appears to organise a whip around for “Paul’s Christmas present” saying “he could really do with a pick me up after the year he’s had.”

Tuesday, Dec 15th, 14:46

Car arrives to empty training ground.  Phil Jones, Jesse Lingard and Sergio Romero emerge and have a kickabout before security guard appears and tells them to shove off.


Tuesday, Dec 15th, 15:59

Tracking of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s internet browsing history reveals the manager autoplaying United’s 98/99 season review video over and over, only interrupted by afternoon stints of playing Football Manager where Solskjaer trials tactics for their Thursday clash with Sheffield United.

Tuesday, Dec 15th, 18:50

Solskjaer leaves the training complex, while chief exec Ed Woodward opens a spreadsheet to add the signing of an official toilet seat partner for the greater Beijing region to the list of United sponsors.

See if Bielsa’s espionage efforts were worth it on Sunday when Leeds play Man United


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