Razor Ruddock reveals why he gave Robbie Fowler a slap

Robbie probably deserved this one.



Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock was never shy when it came to pulling pranks on and off the field, however that also made him a target when players came looking for revenge. Premier League icons Robbie Fowler and Ian Wright were just two of the many players to go head-to-head with Ruddock in the shenanigans stakes, and they may have gained rare wins over Razor.

Ruby Walsh and Paddy Power invited Ruddock onto our ‘From The Horse’s Mouth’ podcast this week as a very special guest and it’s fair to say, it was a lively edition. It was long before the subject of on and off the pitch antics came up and Razor took us inside of the dressing room to reveal what really goes on behind closed doors at clubs.

We’ll let him tell you how he ended up giving Fowler a probably deserved smack after beating Spartak Vladikavkaz away in the 1995 UEFA Cup…

We were playing Spartak Vladikavkaz in Georgia in the UEFA Cup. We beat them 2-1 away and we were all having a drink. We had a big aeroplane, a poxy Russian thing. You could see all the rivets shaking, horrible thing.

Schoolboy error, I fell asleep first. So, I woke up and I don’t know if it’s me, but at altitude you always wake up dying for a wee! Then I put my feet in the Reebok Classics – the £39.99 ones that Status Quo used to wear – and someone had pooed in my trainer. I put my foot in with no socks on too.

Have you ever tried to wash poo off your foot in an airplane toilet?

I was going to flush it, but I couldn’t. The sink was tiny, and everyone is laughing at me. I was fuming and I grabbed hold of Robbie Jones because he was weak, and I knew he would grass up who it was.

He told me it was Robbie Fowler. So, I couldn’t catch him on the plane because I’d kill him. When we landed, he walked around the corner and I just slapped him. I was waiting for him like behind the school sheds. But, he needed it.

Ian Wright FA Cup Final

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Wrighty knows what to do with glue

Hiding cars was something that happened on a regular basis. If you were injured in training, you’d get in someone’s car and take it three streets away. Then come back and just put the keys back in their pocket, silly things really.

Ian Wright went over the top once.

I hid his car, put it about four streets down in Romford and came back. It took him three hours to find his car. So, he superglued the locks of my car the next day. Slightly over the top! I couldn’t get in the car afterwards, so I had to have two locks done.


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