Jamie Redknapp: Fergie said he knew he’d won when we turned up in those suits. That was bo**ocks!

We just looked ridiculous, Let's make no bones about it.


They were shockers, those white suits, weren’t they? Can you imagine that now? When I think back to that, that was amazing really. I think I must have been 21-22, guys, at the time. We had our normal club suits and I don’t – to this day – like Roy Evans is a great guy, super-bright. You had John Barnes, Ian Rush, leaders in that dressing room. They were quite quiet. Rushy was quite quiet, he’d just do his business and got on with his game.

I still to this day don’t understand why no-one went: ‘Listen, guys, why don’t we just wear our normal suits?’

I think we’d beaten United twice that year in the league, and that might have been something to do with it. Maybe we thought, oh, we’ve done them in the league, we can beat them again here. Subsequently, Alex Ferguson said he knew he’d won when we turned up in those suits. That was a load of bollocks.

Because in that game we were actually marginally better I’d say. There was obviously a mistake, Eric Cantona scores, and apart from that, there was nothing in the game. So, to say that you see someone in a white suit and that’s the difference – we just looked ridiculous.

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Let’s make no bones about it. We had a few good-looking lads in that team, but none of us can make that suit look good!

I do have it somewhere in my garage. I’ve got to be honest, I don’t wear it out. I don’t think if I wore it out to a nightclub it would do me any favours. I’ll tell you, I often think though, wouldn’t it be great if I did have it and we would have won that cup final, how much would they have been worth?

Imagine Robbie Fowler, for example, scored the winning goal in that white suit?

It would have been so cool. If you look at the other side of it, I know it’s a bit late and I’m scraping the barrel a little bit here, but I’m just looking at the positives. You’ve got to look at the positives in life.


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