Dejan Lovren faves Liverpool fans old tweets as injury crisis deepens ​

Passive-aggressive social media use. Nice.


Liverpool fans have awoken today to see hundreds of old tweets being faved by the club’s former defensive scapegoat, Dejan Lovren.

The Croatian centre-half left the club last summer after a turbulent six-year stay on Merseyside during which time plenty of fans let rip at the defender’s performances on social media.

However, Jurgen Klopp’s side have seen more casualties than the BBC One evening schedule this season, meaning the 31-year-old defender would be welcome back at Anfield by many of those who said he was the worst thing to hit Liverpool since Thatcherism.

Relentless Liverpool tweeter @TitiCamarasBaldHead found a string of notifications when he woke up this morning from the former Reds punchbag. He had spent recent days bemoaning the club’s injury crisis, the hectic football calendar, and the roll-out of 5G for their predicament.

“It’s usually just a couple of mates, a few Rusian conspiracy accounts and glamour model bots who like my tweets, so getting 44 faves from Dejan Lovren feels like going viral,” the Liverpool fanatic said.

“Even if it includes the one saying I’d have taken Julian Dicks over him.”

“And the one saying if the Aintree vet saw him falling over like he did against Palace they’d put him down on humane grounds.”

“And 14 others where I posted ‘L O V R E N = S H I T E’ at different points in his Liverpool career.”

And other digital Koppites have reported similar experiences.

“If you told me I’d take a back 4 of Moreno, Kvarme, Lovren and Djimi Traore six months ago I’d have said you were mad, but here we are…” @ScousenAbout tweeted on Friday evening, only to see the now Zenit St Petersberg defender crop up in his notifications within minutes.

“He must have a google alert or something. I’m waiting for him to slide into my DMs when he sees all the shit I talked about him back in the day.”


Though @AintnoKloppingusnow was less than impressed.

“He thinks it’s clever, but I watch the Premier League 2 streams week in and out and we’ve nothing to worry about. We’d be top of the league with the reserves starting, which is fortunate cos that’s what we’re doing on Sunday.”

Sources close to the Croatia international said he wishes his former side and its fans “nothing but the best with their defence this weekend.”

The Reds are set to be without their starting back four for Sunday’s game against Leicester City, with Joe Gomez and Virgil van Dijk out for lengthy spells.

Foxes manager Brendan Rodgers has said he’s been eating nothing by tea-and -toast since Wednesday in an effort to devise a gameplan to exploit the weakened Liverpool rearguard.

“Obviously inviting Liverpool on and hitting them on the break with pace is one approach, but we might just bring in some older boys to threaten the YTS back four they’ll have out instead. They might even cough up their lunch money and everything,” the ex-Reds gaffer said when asked.


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