Peter Crouch: Some clubs left me with regrets – but don’t ask me to name my favourite team!

Crouchy has had a career of highs and lows



Paddy Power ambassador Peter Crouch reflected on his varied career and also revealed his love of racing during a guest appearance on our twice-weekly From The Horse’s Mouth podcast.

People often ask me about my favourite and least favourite clubs, but there was a story behind every single one of my clubs.

I’ve got regrets at a few, while others gave me a real chance. I’ve got huge clubs that I had incredible times with, so its so hard to pick out one.

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QPR gave me my chance, and they were my first club. That was my local team, and even now when I take my kids to a match I take them to QPR and maybe hope that they support them!

But I had some of the best times of my life at Liverpool. I’ve got regrets at Aston Villa because I maybe didn’t do as well as I maybe could have, but there were so many great clubs. What I want to do is sit on a massive fence!

Peter Crouch Liverpool Chelsea Community Shield August 13, 2006

Day at the races, anyone?

The races is ingrained in so many footballers.

Maybe not so much now, but certainly when I was coming through and the height of my football career there would always be two or three lads with the Racing Post under the arm in the morning, getting their bets on early doors.

I don’t know too much about horse racing if I’m honest, but I used to love the days out. I absolutely loved them – Cheltenham, Ascot, we used to do loads of them.

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It was loads of fun and it was a great day for the lads, getting everyone together and seeing some of the Spanish boys or the French lads who had no clue what was going on at some of these days.

They were fantastic days out. But I’ve spent a lot of time with Michael Owen whose obviously bang into it. Robbie Fowler and Steve McManaman are top horse racing guys and people I’ve spent a lot of time with so it’s always been there.

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It’s ingrained in football. They go hand in hand and I’ve loved every minute of any of the days that I’ve done at any races.

There’s a lot of pressure on it as well though – I’ve always found a few times at some of those race days.

Footballers get paid quite well, don’t they? And ‘a fool and his money is easily parted’, I think is the term!

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