France manager Deschamps provides obligatory daily Pogba headline ​

Huge news - possibly


France manager Didier Deschamps has generously provided journalists with their statutory daily ‘exclusive’ about Paul Pogba, it has emerged.

With tabloid hacks desperately scrambling for a story about the Manchester United midfielder, Les Bleus boss Deschamps saved the day by revealing Pogba may or may not be happy at Old Trafford.

A slow news day on the Pogba front, many journos had resigned themselves to making up any old sh*te up about the 27-year-old World Cup winner.

Speaking exclusively to Paddy Power News, a source close to one prominent ‘red top’ paper told us:

‘There are only three things certain in this life: death, taxes and the papers printing an alleged exposé on the future of Paul Pogba on a daily basis.

‘It looked like it was gonna be one of those days when we just attributed some made-up quote to an imaginary club insider and ran with it.

‘I was half-way through redrafting some old ‘revelation’ about Juventus coming in for him in January when I heard Deschamps had come to the rescue’.

Paul Pogba

‘Fair play to Didier, he really pulled one out of the bag at the last second’.

In the wake of Deschamps’ remarks, Manchester United released an official statement which they hope will finally put an end to all the speculation surrounding their £89M record signing.

‘Paul is an integral part of this team and that is why he is not playing right now’, CEO Ed Woodward told the club’s official website.

‘Even though Paul has expressed on countless occasions his desire to leave, we have extended his contract.

‘The club’s relationship with Paul’s agent has irrevocably broken down and neither party has indicated they wish to discuss a new deal. At the same time, we will not be entertaining any bids for Paul.

‘I hope this has cleared things up and put the matter to bed once and for all. Yours, Eddy’.

Meanwhile, Pogba has also played down any speculation by having the Juventus crest shaved into his head.


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