Premier League axe PPV after Flog It ratings smash Fulham v West Brom ​

It's an early bath for PPV Premier League games after punters rejected it for some antique antics instead


The Premier League has called time on its controversial pay-per-view experiment after BBC tea-time antiques show Flog It smashed Monday evening’s Fulham v West Brom £14.95 offering in the ratings, Paddy Power News can exclusively reveal.

Though the top-flight clubs have officially agreed the scheme is to be discontinued because of England’s latest lockdown – which changes precisely nothing as far as football supporter are concerned, as none were allowed into grounds when the PPV games launched in October – off the record, officials have admitted that the Monday evening 5.30 game was the final straw.

“A bunch of people desperately scrabbling around in the basement for anything they can get their hands on? Why would anyone pay for that when Flog It’s on BBC2 for free at the same time?” our source asked in the aftermath of the decision.

“The Premier League would be lucky to get people to hand over yer da’s crate of “vintage” jazz mags to watch some of these games, forget £14.95.”

“The viewership figures were through the floor on Monday – we’re talking post-Clarkson Top Gear bad.”

The game finished 2-0 to the Cottagers, who collected their first win of the season, not that many will have noticed as the game was viewed by “a handful” of fans, according to our source.

“Did the PL just give us a pity 3 points? #FFC #FFS” @MJs_Statue wondered in the aftermath of the game, before everyone joined the pile-on in pointing out his team had actually played and won a game earlier in the evening.

Though West Brom fans had to endure much worse in light of the game and result.

“Playing like we should be locked in the f*****g attic,” said @WBABaracus on Twitter as he complained about Slaven Bilic’s side and their failure to net a modest return on their paltry wares.

The result means that fans of the promoted side will have paid £44.85 to view their most recent three games, against Burnley, Brighton and Fulham, and seen just one goal.

And @BoilerManWorld, who switched off despite paying for the game, let his frustration with their performance show.

“Watching Doris hawk Alf’s war medals to pay her gas bill is more bearable than this sh*te tbqfh.”

Meanwhile, there were several reports from across the West Midlands of the RSPCA having to respond to distressed dogs and cats who were left in living rooms with the game on TV while their owners had their dinner.

However, suggestions that Baggies fans will be entitled to a refund from the Premier League as, technically, their side has failed to show up for these games are said to be baseless.

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