Phil Thompson: Why Spurs won’t win the title and my big fear for Bale

Thommo ponders who the next side to be tipped for the title will be and outlines his fears for Gareth Bale and Jose Mourinho's relationship.


Tottenham are a confidence side. They have the ability to get on a roll. Jose Mourinho is the same, when he’s doing well, he’s in his press conferences and he’s in confident mode and he passes that onto his team.

But when he’s in irritable mode, he passes that onto his team as well, and you can see it clearly. Take Tanguy Ndombele as an example, Mourinho was hammering him last season, obviously didn’t think much of him, but he’s playing like a dream at the moment.

There are players there playing with confidence, and Gareth Bale hasn’t even made an impact yet. So, it would be naïve to think they’re not a threat, but will they win the league? No, I wouldn’t say so right now. Top four? Certainly.

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The way things are going, after this weekend, we’ll probably be talking up another team’s chances. And, ultimately, the danger with Spurs is they can always be very Spurs-y, which I know Jose doesn’t like to hear, but is true.

I know that at the moment, Mourinho is giving it the talk about what a great player and a great guy Bale is.

If he’s in that treatment room more often than not, there’ll be a fall out.


You’ve seen how he reacts to injured players, you sense that the sparks fly with those characters. And if Bale is anything like he has been in the last couple of years, where he’s not on the pitch as much as he should be, Mourinho will not like it.

Managers want their best products on the pitch at the end of the day, and if it starts to feel like Bale isn’t making an impact, I expect there’ll be some ruffled feathers.

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