Gary Lineker to be the face of new safety glasses campaign ​

Think it's a fashion statement? Think again

Gary Lineker is the face of a new campaign to raise awareness for safety glasses, it has emerged.

The 59-year-old wore a pair of chemistry lab safety glasses while presenting BT Sport’s coverage of the UEFA Champions League last night to promote the cause.

As a result, the former Spurs hitman ‘broke the internet’ with people desperate to know why he looked as though he’d just separated a sand and salt mixture at a local high school.

Discussing the reasons behind the glasses with Paddy Power News, Lineker said:

‘Some viewers will have noticed I was wearing safety glasses while presenting last night’s coverage of Manchester United’s Champions League clash with RB Leipzig’.

‘This is because I’ve been appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador for the Safety Glasses UK Movement’.

‘Protective eyewear is something which I am extremely passionate about and I am proud to be a part of this fantastic campaign to raise awareness for eye safety in the UK’.

The ex-England striker revealed some jaw-dropping statistics about safety specs in modern day Britain.

‘It’s absolutely shocking that in 2020, 9 out of 10 households in the UK do not own a pair of safety glasses’.

‘Without protective eyewear, everyday chores such as cutting your toenails or lighting a ciggie off the toaster could result in life-changing injuries’.

Lineker also explained why he chose last night’s game between Manchester United and RB Leipzig to wear the safety specs:

‘I knew if United got a good result Rio would shout ‘We’re back, baby’ and start thumping the desk’.
‘If the desk were to shatter during Rio’s shit-fit, a little speck of wood could become lodged in my eye resulting in a corneal abrasion’.

‘I wanted to demonstrate that wearing safety glasses would ensure my eyes were adequately protected during a routine pundit meltdown’.

When asked if he thought he got his messages across, the less famous Lineker sibling told us:

‘If even one person out there buys a pair of safety glasses today, it will have been worth it’.


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