Man convinced thing he hasn’t bothered to read will be the death of football

The game's gone - some lad told me so on twitter


A man has thrown an absolute wobbler over a sports article he never bothered to read, it has emerged.

Twitter user ‘Northern Derek’ is convinced the formation of a proposed European Premier League would be ‘the death of football’, that’s despite the fact he knows f*ck all about it.

Sky News revealed this week that Liverpool and Manchester United are in talks with some of Europe’s biggest clubs about creating a ‘European Premier League’.

The new competition would usurp the existing Champions League tournament and would comprise of 18 of Europe’s biggest clubs and Chelsea.

Even though Sky Sports News provided a detailed breakdown of the FIFA-backed proposal, ‘Northern Derek’ decided to give it a miss and headed straight to social media for a rant.

‘They can f*ck off the pair of them’, tweeted Northern Derek in reference to Liverpool and Manchester United.

‘They should be ashamed of themselves for whatever it is they may or may not be doing’.


‘Where’s the loyalty? The only thing these clubs care about is money. They’re bleeding us fans dry’, added Derek, who has illegally streamed every Premier League game since 2006.

‘This is the end of the beautiful game. Mark my words’.

Meanwhile, FIFA want to reassure football fans across the globe that the $6 billion funding package they’re assembling is mostly from legitimate sources.

A spokesperson for football’s world governing body told Paddy Power News:

‘A good portion of the money is coming from lawful construction and waste businesses in New Jersey’.

‘Some will be coming from our interests in gaming in Nevada’.

‘The rest will come from donations from some friends of FIFA, such as Lex Luther, Ming The Merciless and Jabba the Hut’.

However, Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville has called the timing of the talks during a pandemic as ‘obscene’.

‘Football is on its knees with lower clubs scrambling around to pay wages and stay in existence. It’s obscene’, tweeted Neville, along with a video of himself uncorking a £300 bottle of champagne.

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