Rio demands new 20-year deal for Ole after latest PSG win ​

Man United and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer upset the odds in Paris with a 2-1 win over PSG, and some people are getting carried away all over again

Rio Ferdinand has demanded the Manchester United hierarchy reward manager Ole Gunner Solskjaer with a new 20-year contract after last night’s win over Paris Saint-Germain.

The BT Sport pundit was understandably emotional after his former club secured a famous 2-1 victory in the Parc de Princes courtesy of a Bruno Fernandes double-penalty and a late winner from Marcus Rashford MBE MUA PT.

Thumping his fist on a table in the BT Sport studio, Rio blurted:

‘Ole’s doing his thing again, man. We are back for real this time, baby’.

‘Give that man the contract and let him write the zeros on it. Make it 10 – no, 20-years long Eddie, baby’.

‘Build a statue of Ole watching his iPad right outside Old Trafford, man’.

‘Give him the freedom of Manchester, so he can lance a Yorkshireman in Oldham and park in the city centre for free on a Sunday’.

The 41-year-old former defender then leapt to his feet and ripped his shirt open to reveal a freshly tattooed portrait of the Norwegian across his chest.

Ferdinand’s fellow BT Sport pundit and former teammate Darren Fletcher also waxed lyrical about United’s performance.

Bruno Fernandes

‘That wid hae made Sir Alex proud sae it wid’, gushed the ex-Manchester United midfielder.

‘That laddie McTominay’s some player isnae he? Absolute belter by th’wey’.

While co-pundit Owen Hargreaves said: ‘Did I ever mention the time I played for Bayern Munich?’

Meanwhile, following Ferdinand’s latest televised outburst, Paddy Power News tracked down United CEO Ed Woodward to ask him if Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was in line for a new deal:

‘Ole who?’, replied the 48-year-old chief executive.

‘Does he work here? Since when?’, he quizzed.

In other news, Paris police have confirmed a British man they found wandering the streets of the French capital at 3am while yelling, ‘PSG are too slow Fletch. They’re too slow’, was indeed Steve McManaman.

A spokesperson for the Préfecture de Police said: ‘He had a thick Scouse accent and kept telling everyone his name was Macca. At first, we thought it might be Paul McCartney but he didn’t even know the chorus to Hey Jude’.

‘After checking his wallet we realised it was that fella who always says Fletch on the telly’.

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