Exclusive: Bale rearranges tee-time to make West Ham game ​

Spurs' new arrival is totally 100% focused on football - once he gets 18-holes out of the way


Sunday’s London derby between Spurs and West Ham could see the second debut in Tottenham white for Gareth Bale if he can rearrange his morning tee-time.

The Welsh winger left Real Madrid under a cloud and a barrage of complaints that he preferred smashing drives down the range to smashing goals at the Bernabeu.

But he is determined to show those who question his commitment to the beautiful game that he has his priorities right as he steps back into the Premier League with Tottenham – as soon as he gets 18 holes in at Orsett golf course in Essex on Sunday morning.

Gareth Bale

“It’s a regional qualifying course for the Open,” Bale is reported to have told staff at the club when his move from Madrid was confirmed.

“The greens are deceptively quick I’m told. Very punishing if you’re too aggressive. And I cannot wait to play the 12th – seven bunkers around a tiny par-3 green.

“I’m getting a replica made in my back yard whenever we get the house sorted here. That’s in the contract too, along with the life-size Zinedine Zidane punchbag, right?”

When asked by SpursTV’s reporter if he was as excited to get to play with Harry Kane, the 31-year-old said: “I’m sure we’ll have two-ball sometime – I hadn’t realised he was big into golf too.”

“This is going to be great!”

“You just can’t get links golf, or anything like it, on the Castilian plains of central Spain,” he continued, as he representatives finalised details of his return to the North London club.

“Privately chartered flights to Scotland add up, and tend to interfere with…umm… what’s that thing… we do… every day… ehh…

“Oh yeah, training!”

However, once the deal was done the Welsh international was distraught to discover Sky had moved West Ham game to Sunday afternoon.

“I’m teeing off at 2’o’clock! You can’t expect me to be back for a game at 4:30?”

He suggested Sky move the game to later in the evening – “I mean, they if they can’t, who can?” – but that was not possible and the Welshman conceded that he’d have to change his round to an earlier time on Sunday.

“I suppose I can move that 11’o’clock spin around Dagenham pitch-n-putt to 9am…” he admitted as he called the Essex course clubhouse to change the time.

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