Liverpool fan opens up after suffering from premature exultation ​

'I want to raise awareness that this is a common problem'


A Liverpool fan has opened up about his struggles with premature exultation after a remarkable Super Sunday.

After watching Manchester United’s 6-1 spanking at the hands of Spurs, Stan ‘Yozza’ Hughes immediately took to social media to taunt their dispirited supporters.

The electrician took great pleasure in goading the Old Trafford faithful while they vented their fury at United’s latest sh*t show online.

In a Facebook post directed at all his United supporting followers, the 44-year-old mockingly wrote: ‘Ole’s missus told him to be home before 7’ accompanied by a cluster of laughing emojis.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Stan continued to bait supporters of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side when he cheekily insinuated the Red Devils had snatched a dramatic late equaliser through a long-term transfer target: ‘6-6 – Jadon Sancho 97mins’ once again accompanied by some laughing emojis.

As kick-off time of Liverpool’s game with Aston Villa edged closer, Yozza took the opportunity to remind everyone that the Anfield club were the reigning Premier League champions: ‘Time for all you sad Mancs to watch a proper side in action. Sit back and enjoy the champions as they conjure up another footballing masterclass. YNWA’.

However, Stan’s excitement was short-lived as the Reds found themselves 4-1 down after only 39 minutes. By full-time Jurgen Klopp’s side had found themselves on the receiving end of a 7-2 trashing by a Jack Grealish-inspired Villa.

Fearful of the backlash he would inevitably receive after the torrent of abuse he directed at United fans following their own humiliation, Stan decided to deactivate his Facebook account.

Speaking to Paddy Power News about yesterday’s premature exultation, Stan said: ‘I hope by speaking out I can help other Liverpool supporters who suffer from the same condition’.

‘I want to raise awareness and try to reassure our fans that premature exultation is a common problem’.

It’s estimated that about 4 in 5 Liverpool fans aged 18 to 69 are affected by the issue.

Dr Steph O’Scope of Liverpool University claims there are a few tried and tested methods supporters can use to delay premature exultation: ‘Clinical trials have proven the ‘squeeze’ method to be very effective in combating PE’.

‘This involves tightly squeezing your fingers together if you suddenly feel an overwhelming urge to mock rival supporters online.

‘Alternatively, having lost 9 of their last 21 games in all competitions, perhaps their fans should avoid any piss-taking activity all together’.

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