Revealed: Mourinho chased Dier after forgetting to replace toilet roll ​

It happens. And, well, sh*t happens.


Paddy Power News can exclusively reveal that Jose Mourinho followed Eric Dier into the Spurs changing room because he forgot to replace the loo roll.

In the 77th minute of Tottenham’s Carabao Cup clash with Chelsea, Dier suddenly raced off the pitch while clutching his buttocks.

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Sky Sports’ cameras overheard the defender repeatedly screaming ‘the turtle’s head’ at the Spurs bench before disappearing down the tunnel.

After taking a moment to digest the information, Spurs boss Mourinho suddenly set off in hot pursuit.

The incident left players on both sides, as well as viewers at home, scratching their heads.

However, the Portuguese tactician cleared things up this morning.

‘I saw Eric eating a Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodle at half-time and told him it was maybe not the best decision’, explained the 58-year-old.

‘Around the 70th minute, we noticed Eric was in some discomfort and thought he was, as you say, ‘touching cloth’.

‘So when he sprints off the pitch, for me it is simple, I know why’.

Almost immediately after Dier’s dramatic exit, Mourinho claims he had a moment of realisation.

‘When Eric ran past me, I remember I took, as the Cockney’s say, ‘a pony and trap’, before the match’.

‘But I forgot to replace the toilet paper which Mr Levy keeps in a safe in his office’.


The former Inter Milan boss then made a dash to the Tottenham chairman’s office to ask for a replacement roll of toilet paper.

After some protracted negotiations, Levy agreed to Mourinho’s request and the ex-Porto boss set off for the home changing room.

Spurs defender Dier recalls the moment his manager appeared at the toilet cubicle clutching the loo roll.

‘It was a huge relief’, admits the 26-year-old.

‘It was touch and go for a minute but thankfully Jose produced the goods in the end’.

The England man also confirmed that Mourinho remained outside the water cubicle to some provide encouragement.

‘That’s the gaffer for you’, grinned Dier.

‘He was putting me under a bit of pressure, wanting me to go faster’.

‘He even slid some instructions scribbled on a spare sheet of toilet paper under the door’, revealed the former Sporting Lisbon hard-man.

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