Peter Crouch & Abbey Clancy show how ‘the new normal’ still means the same old football for fans in our new ad

The former Tottenham, Liverpool and Stoke striker is here to remind everyone that, despite all that's different this season, somethings in football don't change


There’s plenty different about the new football season – no fans at games, lack of real atmosphere, you pre-match shandy down the swanny – but despite the “new normal”, at the end of the day, there’s still the same old football.

And Paddy is delighted to be celebrating that – at an appropriate social distance, of course – with Peter Crouch in our latest TV ad. which also features a cameo from his wife, Abbey Clancy.

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The totem-like ex-Tottenham targetman takes aim at some of the more unusual features of the new football season, including fake crowd noise, social distancing within stadiums, and sanitised footballs as he jokes that The Emirates Stadium, Arsenal’s home ground, “never sounded so good” thanks to TV’s artificial din.

He also references the risk of penalties being handed out to large groups – and Manchester United, obviously.

And the ex-Liverpool striker quips: “Europe’s a no go – not a problem for Everton fans.”

Our own big-man-with-a-decent-touch, Paddy Power, said: “This might be the new normal, but football doesn’t change for anyone – something I’m sure we’re all grateful for.”

“We’ve teamed up with Crouchy to celebrate the consistency of football and the optimism it gives us – unless you’re a Fulham fan, in which case, there’s always next season.”

The Premier League is back – get the latest odds on

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