Peter Crouch: What Spurs should do in the transfer market & my plea to Harry Kane

Paddy Power ambassadorPeter Crouch says his old club need to freshen things up this summer, and makes a heartfelt plea to Tottenham's captain Harry Kane.


Last season was disappointing for Tottenham. The result against Arsenal papered over a few cracks. The players look like a shadow of their former selves, really – I look at Dele Alli, or Tanguy Ndombele, there’s a player in there somewhere. There’s a few people that need replacing. So this summer is a big opportunity for Tottenham to strengthen, and get it right this time. Because, next year, it won’t be tolerated again, will it?

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You do need to keep things fresh. But, for whatever reason, whenever I watch Tottenham play they just don’t look like the Tottenham of old. They were exciting, there was one stage when they were close to winning the league, when Leicester did. They’ve fallen well short of that in recent years. The start of last season, having reached the Champions League final the year before, which was amazing for the club, you expected Tottenham to kick on from there. But they haven’t at all, and you have to say last season was a real disappointment.

It’s a difficult situation for Harry Kane because, at the end of the day, the club does need to match his ambition, and it’s not doing that at the moment. In an ideal situation, he’d stay there and fight for the Champions League, fight for league titles, but they’re just not on that level.

So, yeah, listen his head could be turned – but my advice to him would be: the grass isn’t always greener. You could go somewhere, you might win a trophy, but it’d mean a hell of a lot more to win a trophy with Tottenham than somewhere else.

I had to make lots of difficult moves in my career. I was happy at QPR, but moved to Portsmouth because we got relegated. Aston Villa, I would’ve liked to have stayed there and made a success of myself, but I wasn’t getting games so I had to move on to Southampton – and even then, though I left for Liverpool, which was an amazing move for me, I was happy and settled there. I was scoring goals, but we got relegated unfortunately.

And, again, at Liverpool – where else do you go from there? I was so happy there. I went to Liverpool, flying, playing for England, and then Fernando Torres came in and I wasn’t playing much. It was one of those things where I had to move on again.

Every time I moved, it wasn’t because I particularly wanted to. I would’ve liked to have been a one-club man.

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