Neymar thanks God, family & £1.3 billion after PSG’s Champions League semi-final win ​

He couldn't have done it with them - every single penny


Brazilian superstar Neymar dedicated last night’s Champions League semi-final victory to God, his family and Qatari oil.

Paris Saint-Germain defeated RB Leipzig 3-0 to reach their first final of the competition in the club’s illustrious 9-year history.

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Speaking to Paddy Power News after the game, Neymar said:

‘To reach a Champions League final it takes: hard work; a little bit of luck and a lot of crude oil’.

‘I’d like to thank God; somehow he’s involved in this. I’d like to thank my family; particularly my sister. And of course, the ruler of Qatar. Without you, none of this would’ve been possible’.

The 28-year-old who claims to have joined Les Parisiens from Barcelona in 2017 for ‘footballing reasons’ earns a salary of $350 million spread over 5-years.

‘It would’ve been easy for me to stay at Barca alongside Messi and Suarez but I decided to come to Ligue 1 to test myself against some of the greatest defenders in the world’.

‘Although earning €100,821-per-day cushioned the blow somewhat, this makes up for the disappointment of all our early Champions League exits’.

‘We’ve shown we can compete with the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea when it comes to making a mockery of the financial fair play rules’.

‘And I hope to stay at this club for a very long time, or at least until either Real Madrid or Barcelona can afford me’.

Meanwhile, PSG boss Thomas Tuchel has expressed his relief at finally ending the French side’s Champions League hoodoo:

‘I’ll admit; I was looking on Indeed for a new job when we were trailing Atalanta with 5-minutes left’.

The 46-year-old former Dortmund boss also revealed the complexities of juggling football management while dealing with a broken bone in his foot.

‘As you can imagine it presented a huge problem when I needed to kick Neymar up the arse during half-time of the Atalanta game.’ the coach revealed.

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