Frank Lampard challenges Jurgen Klopp to throw a kettle over a pub

Well can you, Jurgen?


Sensational footage from along the Anfield touchline on Wednesday night has emerged of Frank Lampard and Jurgen Klopp clashing before the Chelsea boss went on to claim newly-crowned champions Liverpool were “too arrogant” in his post-match interview following Wednesday 5-3 defeat at Anfield.

And the verbal sparring didn’t stop there, with the not-at-all-easy to ruffle Lampard challenging the Liverpool manager to throw a kettle over a pub when the two met later following the entertaining win for the Reds.

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The pair initially clashed in the first half of the game, as a clip recorded from behind the Liverpool bench shows. Lampard, 42, loses his rag over a free-kick awarded to Liverpool for a foul by Mateo Kovacic which Trent Alexander Arnold dispatches to put Liverpool 2-0 up.

Nice guy Frank told his opposite number to “f**k off” and “sit down” as tempers flared like the fireworks around the ground for Liverpool’s trophy celebrations.

And Lampard still had plenty of spark for the post-match interview,  where he took swipe at the current European and Premier League champions for their cocky attitude.

The Blues’ boss was so riled that he even interrupted the Liverpool manager’s title celebrations to remind him that he’d won three Premier Leagues, four FA Cups, two League Cups, a Champions League, Europa League, and two Charity Shields, “which count like any other trophy.”

And before the bewildered Reds manager could reply, the former England international began reading from his list of individual achievements on Wikipedia as well from his phone, including a Footballer of the Year award in 2005, UEFA Midfielder of the  Year Award in 2008, 2007 ‘s Man of the Match in the FA Cup final, and MLS Player of the Month for July 2016, finally adding “and I’ve thrown a kettle over a pub – what have you done?”

“How about we go down the Dog & Duck right now, if you can’t do it, we get the three points, yeah? You wouldn’t be laughing then.”

Lampard was subsequently pulled away by members of his staff saying “he’s not worth it Frank, Leave it. You’re better than that.”

As of yet, we have not heard whether Klopp has agreed to the contest or if the Premier League will sanction the points change should he fail.

Later, sources from inside the Chelsea dressing claimed the manager has been “on edge” since Leeds’ promotion was confirmed last week, with concerns about security around the club heightened by the prospect of Marcelo Bielsa researching his side for next season.

“Frank’s been checking the laundry baskets, changing his phone every couple of days, unscrewing all the fixtures around Cobham looking for bugs.”

“He’s been under a lot of pressure.”

“He even had music playing very loudly during his team talk last night to confuse any eavesdroppers.”

“But it also confused the players as they hadn’t a f**king clue what he was saying.”

And there are also reports this morning that motormouth boxing impresario Eddie Hearn is keen to capitalise on the fallout from the game, proposing Klopp v Lampard be added to the planned cards for the series of scraps in his back garden.


“It’s a perfect contrast of styles, North v South, Red v Blue, the punters will lap it up.” the promoter stated in an Instagram live post this morning.

“I’m thinking of putting the two of them in those foam sumo wrestler suits and having them rolling around on the grass.”

“Who wouldn’t pay £40 to Sky to watch that?”

Football is back! Hallelujah! Get the latest odds at

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