Carole Baskin to replace Grant McCann as Hull boss

These Tigers might even be beyond Carole's help.


American big-cat activist Carole Baskin has offered to take the reins at Hull City following their 8-0 mauling by Wigan. The 59-year-old CEO of Big Cat Rescue made an impassioned plea via her Cameo account after a Hull City fan contacted her about Grant McCann’s poor treatment of the Tigers in England.

Baskin shot to fame earlier this year after featuring in Netflix’s hit docu-series Tiger King, which followed the life of her arch nemesis, the mullet-sporting Joe Exotic.

It’s understood that Baskin was moved to tears upon hearing about the numerous beatings the Tigers have suffered under the management of McCann.

In the clip, an emotional Baskin said: “Hey all you cool cats and kittens, it’s Carole Baskin at Big Cat Rescue. It’s been brought to my attention that 11 tigers in England were subjected to a horrible beating last night.

“Furthermore, my source tells me he’s witnessed these tigers being beaten on 23 separate occasions this season. I am led to understand this terrible mismanagement of the Tigers is at the hands of a Mr Grant McCann.

“In light of this, I am offering to take control of Hull’s tigers with immediate effect. If I am successful in my bid, I promise the people of Hull we will return these beautiful beasts to their original home at Boothferry Safari Park’.

After uploading the video message to her cameo account, Baskin posted several pictures of her husband Howard wearing a Hull City jersey to Instagram. The news was greeted by a mixed reaction from Hull City supporters who debated the pros and cons of replacing McCann with Baskin on social media.

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“I say get Carole in for the last two games. Bring Rick Kirkham in to record the whole thing. F**k it, we’re going down anyway, might as well get a decent Netflix show out of it at least,” tweeted one Hull supporter.

“I think we should bring in Joe’s husband’s new dentist. If anyone can stop the rot, it’s him,” added another.

Meanwhile, as news of Hull City’s 8-0 capitulation at the hands of Wigan reached Fort Worth Prison, we asked Joe Exotic who he thought was to blame. “You know how I blame,” snapped Joe.

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