John Terry introduces new penalty routine to Villa training ahead of United clash

He knows all about taking penalties against Man United


The Aston Villa squad have been working on a new penalty routine devised by John Terry ahead of tonight’s clash with Manchester United.

Video footage emerged this morning of Villa stars slipping on their arse then sobbing uncontrollably as the ball skewed past the right-hand post.

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The 39-year-old former England captain was seen cajoling his players from the side-lines as they queued up to send the ball wide.

In the clip, Terry can be seen berating Jack Grealish after the Aston Villa skipper forgot to unnecessarily adjust his captain’s armband during his walk up to the spot.

‘Oi! Hair-do’, screams Terry at Grealish.

‘How the f**k is everyone supposed to know you’re the main man unless you fiddle with your armband?’

‘And what’s with those socks? Pull’em up ‘til they look like stockings!’.

At one point the ex-Chelsea star stopped the drill when several of the Villa players inadvertently put their spot kicks into the net.

Moments later, Terry stripped off his tracksuit to reveal a full Villa kit and told the players to ‘watch and learn’ as he demonstrated how to go ‘proper head-over-arse’.

Once the Villa squad had got the hang of it, Terry mixed things up by asking the players to dribble the ball around a series of wet floor signs.

Meanwhile, United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has revealed skipper Harry Maguire is working hard to eradicate the individual errors which have crept into his game since the restart.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

‘We’ve sat down with Harry this week and showed him videos of the QE2 doing a 3-point turn while at sea’.

‘If he can improve his mobility to that level, then you know you’re going places’, grinned the Norwegian.


The 47-year-old former United striker also refuted claims he’s trying to unsettle rival players after it emerged Paul Pogba has been texting Villa skipper Jack Grealish.

‘I spoke to Paul about this’, said Solskjaer.

‘But Paul assures me he was only thanking Grealish for bearing the brunt of Graeme Sourness’s half-time rants since the restart’.

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