BT Sport set to give viewers option of Michael Owen or crowd noise at half-time

It’s a tough choice.


BT Sport have confirmed viewers will be given the half-time option of listening to Michael Owen’s analysis or artificial crowd noises for the remainder of the season.

The broadcaster will offer fans this unique experience using the red button and believe up to 95% of their subscribers will take advantage of the new feature.

Owen has forged a reputation as one of the best pundits in his family since joining BT Sport in 2013.

The 40-year-old has wowed audiences with his insightful commentary and expert analysis during Premier League games since swapping the treatment table for the TV studio.


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“Whichever team scores more goals usually wins” and “it’s hit the facial part of his head there” – are just two nuggets of commentary gold Owen has squeezed out for us over the years.

But it would appear Owen has become problematic for BT Sport, with recent viewing figures suggesting people unable to cope with his brilliance are switching off at half-time.

“Studies have shown that audiences can only be exposed to Michael Owen’s genius for limited periods only”, explained Jake Humphries.

We’ve found that our viewers’ inferior minds are unable to handle a full 15 minutes of Michael’s excellent intellect, forcing them to change channel.

“After careful consideration, we’re offering our viewers a mental reprieve by allowing them to switch to artificial crowd noises during the interval”.

But not content with this particular innovation, BT Sport also unveiled their new ‘Fletch & Macca’ option for half-time audiences.

“This is the ideal tool for anyone needing a fix of their favourite co-commentators unnecessarily repeating each other’s pet names”, explained Humphries.

“After 45 minutes of hearing Steve McManaman giggle his mate’s nickname, some viewers can experience severe withdrawal symptoms during the break”.

“Press red to hear ‘Fletch’ and blue to hear Macca”.

However, BT Sport have confirmed they have no plans to create a Rio Ferdinand “We’re back, baby” function at this particular time.


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