Emmanuel Petit: Luiz should say a prayer of thanks to Arsenal directors

Manu's not holding back on the shambles that is Arsenal.

Emmanuel Petit


David Luiz hasn’t been a proper footballer for about three years. But I’m not surprised that he has been given a new contract at Arsenal, because I’ve been very disappointed in relation to the club’s activity in the transfer market.

I’ve been particularly upset in relation to the defenders. We all know one of Arsenal’s major weaknesses is their defence and nothing has changed. This makes me miss Arsene Wenger.

If I was David Luiz, of course I would sign a new deal and I would also say a prayer of thanks to the Arsenal directors every time I wake up. Even when he last won the Premier League with Chelsea, he’s not the same player any more. This guy has lost something.

To be honest, it’s a joke. Find some proper defenders. Are you telling me there are no young talented defenders on the market? I just don’t get it.

Arsenal directors and executives are clueless

Does anyone think the Arsenal executives and directors know what they’re doing on the football side of things? For the last few years they have been splashing out on the transfer market – and have brought in some decent players – but I don’t know what their target or project for the future is.

It’s far worse now than in the last years under Wenger. What is the point of being one of the richest clubs on the planet with no reason or vision behind it?

I wished I could be in the dressing room after the Brighton game to say to someone, “Shut the f*ck up, who the f*ck do you think you are?”

Arsenal look like an average team with no spirit, with no anger or pride. I saw them against Brighton at the end of the game, trying to fight Neal Maupay, but that made me laugh.

You make me laugh, guys, honestly. Shut the f*ck up and do the right thing on the pitch.

Against Brighton I was so pissed off about the behaviour of the players that I wished I could be in the dressing room to say to someone, “Shut the f*ck up, who the f*ck do you think you are?” No-one is doing that in the team. There are no leaders, no characters.

They were winning one-nil away from home, knowing every point is vital for European qualification, and you let the game go like this. Then at full-time they go to Maupay to blame him for what happened to Bernd Leno, but things like that happen in every game.

They’re trying to avoid taking their own responsibility. I just want to tell them one thing: fight during the match.

Do your job.

The spirit we had in our team, with Patrick Vieira, Tony Adams, Nigel Winterburn, Ray Parlour – it has been gone for a long time. Arsenal have some very good players but we need personality.

Before Covid-19 came, I thought things were different but I was surprised after the Premier League resumed to find that we’re back in the old days. Nothing changed. It’s all a question of mentality and desire. I haven’t seen any of that at Arsenal since football came back. They could have played for a century against Man City without getting a shot on goal.

I wish Mikel Arteta good luck because I think he’s a quality manager but just like Unai Emery and Wenger, what is he supposed to do with these players?

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang should leave – I feel sorry for the fans and former Arsenal players

If I was Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, I would leave Arsenal.

There is some quality in this team but when you arrive at the club nowadays you want to do great things. But, come on guys, Arsenal is not the same any more. It’s becoming an average club.

I feel so sorry for the fans and all the people who love the club. I feel sorry for the former players that try to uphold the Arsenal reputation.

But I don’t feel sorry for the players – I think 75% of them at the club at the moment don’t deserve to wear that shirt. They should look at themselves in the mirror and show some pride.

What do you think?