Justice Refund: Hawk-Eye in a flap but Paddy’s Sheffield United backers still score

Giving hawks' vision a bad name.

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It’s finally happened. The one part of video technology in the Premier League that actually works has dropped a clanger. Or, more specifically, caught the clanger, carried it over his own line and pretended it never happened.

Sheffield United’s hopes of a top-four spot took a hit at Villa Park yesterday after Hawk-Eye took its Sauron-like gaze off the ball, costing the Blades three vital points as Villa keeper Orjan Nyland literally ended up in the net with a sheepish look on his face and the ball in his hands.

Everyone looked at referee Michael Oliver but his magic watch didn’t give the vital signal. Maybe he had his wife’s Fitbit on. We’ll never really know.

Michael Oliver

And while Chris Wilder’s men will never get those precious points back, Paddy’s hit the big red button marked ‘Justice Refund’ to right another wrong in football. That’s right, we’ve paid out Blades backers who had a punt on Oliver Norwood as First and Anytime goalscorer and United to score the first goal. We also refunded all stakes as free bets on Sheffield United to win the game.

Sure, not everything was going to go to plan as the Premier League dragged itself back into the office bleary-eyed and a fair bit heavier after 100 days of lying around playing FIFA and sorting the garden. And, you know what? We still say all is forgiven. It’s just good to have you back, football – infuriating VAR decisions and all. Oh, how we’ve missed you.

David Luiz did his best to divert attention with a performance for the ages at The Etihad but this Hawk-Eye hash will live long in the memory…

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