Steve McManaman preparing for Prem restart by repeatedly saying ‘Fletch’ into the mirror

The Premier League hype is real.



Steve McManaman is getting ready for the Premier League restart by repeating the nickname of his co-commentator over and over while looking in the mirror, it has emerged.

The former Real Madrid star alleviated fears he may have forgotten how to say “Fletch” during the lockdown in a video released by BT Sport this morning.

In the clip, McManaman is stood in front of a full-length mirror sporting a Mohawk hairstyle and repeatedly saying “Fletch”.

Afterward, the two-time Champions League winner discussed the unorthodox technique with reporters.

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“It’s all about getting in that zone”, he said, while popping the cuffs of his camouflage jacket.

“There’s always enormous pressure to remember the pet name of the guy you’ve shared a tiny booth with for the past seven years”.

“But I find repetition is key”, he added, before chanting the “Fletch” under his breath.

The 48-year-old Liverpudlian joined BT Sport in 2013 and struck up an immediate rapport with his co-commentator Darren Fletcher (not to be confused with the former Manchester United and Scotland long-distance runner of the same name).

Since then, the duo have wowed viewers with their ability to repeat each other’s nicknames approximately 40,000 times during 90 minutes of football.

The pair’s unique friendship extends beyond the realms of football, as demonstrated when they both appeared on an episode of London Ink during which they had each other’s nicknames tattooed on themselves.

Eager to express his admiration for his colleague back in 2015, Darren Fletcher lifted his shirt during the half-time analysis of a Premier League game to reveal a ‘Macca’ tattoo on his lower back.

“My love for this man will not be contained by the confines of this gantry’” gushed Fletcher while showing off his tramp stamp.

The duplet released a cover version of the Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder classic ‘Ebony and Ivory’ entitled ‘Fletch and Macca’ for BT Sport’s coverage of the opening day of the 2016/17 Premier League season.

It peaked at #182 in the Japanese singles charts.


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