Man City buy FC Seoul-style ‘premium mannequins’ to finally fill Emptyhad

That should improve things.

Manchester City have followed the example of FC Seoul by purchasing 55,000 ‘premium mannequins’ in a bid to finally fill their stadium, it has emerged.

Top-flight South Korean outfit FC Seoul played their first home game of the K League season yesterday behind closed doors.

In a bid to ‘improve the atmosphere’, the club filled some of the empty seats with ‘premium mannequins’ supplied by a company that produces sex toys.

Reigning Premier League champions Manchester City were so impressed by the idea, the club bought 55,000 dolls of their own. Despite the signing of world-class players and trophies galore since the Abu Dhabi United Group takeover in 2008, City have struggled to attract enough glory hunters fill their new stadium.

But with the Premier League season likely to resume without fans inside grounds, City believe they’ve stolen a march on their rivals with the acquisition of the mannequins. Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola fully supports the club’s decision to fill the stadium with latex dolls after almost 4-years of fist-pumping in the direction of no one after victories.

‘They’re very human looking, aren’t they?’, he remarked, while draping a City scarf around the neck of a female doll.

The 49-year-old Spaniard believes his players will receive a psychological boost during games when they look up to the stands.

‘It will be a nice change for them to look around the stadium and not see thousands of empty blue plastic seats. And if you look closely at the doll’s gaping mouths, it actually looks as though they’re shouting and cheering’.

Meanwhile, City right-back Kyle Walker has also welcomed the move.

‘I’m looking forward to scoring my next goal and leaping into the stand to celebrate with our new latex fans’.


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