Bad hair day: Which footballer had the worst ever haircut?

We ran a World Cup of Bad Footballer Haircuts on Twitter. Here are the results.


If Covid-enforced lockdown has taught us one thing, it’s that hairdressers and barbers are a vital service. Cutting hair is a skill and, often, an artform.

Which makes us wonder why, sometimes, well-paid footballers manage to end up with haircuts that would shame a ginger US president with daddy issues.

Thus, on the back our ongoing series of Twitter polls, we bring you the World Cup of Bad Footballer Haircuts.

Here’s the format we chose.

We’re sure you’ll agree there are some strong, strong entries (and presumably some very drunk barbers) in there.

Here’s how Group A panned out:

Honestly, what on earth was Giovanni Simeone smoking when he came up with that one?

“How’s that for you, mate?”

“Yeah, love it, thanks.”

Mad b*stard.

Meanwhile, Group B featured a compatriot of Simeone.

Bit surprised Palacio was beaten there, but you have to respect the strength of Gervinho’s entry. Although surely that one’s more about the forehead than the hair above?

Group C was a cake walk:

Regulation win for big Ronaldo, there.

On to Group D and there was another clear winner.

A powerful showing from Joe Cole there, putting him into what looked like being a seriously competitive final:

That’s not how it turned out, however. To be frank, Simeone was just too good for the rest. A genuine barnet for the ages, that one.

Son of Cholo, we salute you.

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