Barkley ‘delighted and humbled’ after smashing Britney’s 100m record

Haters will say it's fake.


Ross Barkley has broken the 100m world record with a time of 4.86 seconds in his own back garden, it has emerged. The Chelsea midfielder almost effortlessly broke the previous time of 5.97 set by singer Britney Spears at her home gym last month.

26-year-old Barkley was quickly out of the blocks, intent on smashing Spears’ record and making yet more sporting history.

‘Britney is a tremendous athlete but I knew I was capable of beating her time’, the England man told his Twitter followers.

Although there was no actual footage of the record-breaking feat, Barkley assures World Athletics president Sebastian Coe that his dog witnessed the whole thing.

‘Haters will say it’s fake but Rex saw me do it with his own two eyes’, claimed Barkley. ‘I’ve informed World Athletics and the Guinness Book of World Records. I’ve asked if a special dispensation gold medal could be sent in the post. Fingers crossed’, he added.

Barkley has been in scintillating form during the lockdown after completing a 5K run in just under 30 seconds.

Asked if there were any other world records he was intent on shattering during the lockdown, Barkley was in bullish mood. ‘I’ve set my sights on Andy Green’s land speed record of 760 mph which I’ll be aiming to break – on foot’, claimed the Liverpudlian.

Meanwhile, pop diva Britney Spears has vowed to bounce back after losing her world record. Songstress Spears described Barkley as ‘lucky’ and said she’ll come back ‘stronger than yesterday’ in her pursuit of the Chelsea man.

‘I devoted 3 weeks of my life to achieving that world record and I’m not about to give it up now’, she told her Instagram followers.  ‘I’ve been hitting the gym hard this week and I’m aiming for 100m in 4 seconds flat’, announced the 38-year-old mother-of-two.

In other news, AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimović has told his Facebook followers he defeated a brick wall in a game of tennis in straight sets during the lockdown.

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